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Walnut wins CIF State girls title 

RANCHO CUCAMONGA >> Walnut High School coach Cecil Woods kept telling his girls golf team that the important tournament was at Red Hill Country Club.

The Mustangs went undefeated in the regular season, but did not win a CIF Southern Section title, the CIF-SS’s all-division tournament or the CIF-WSCGA Southern California crown. But Walnut won the title it wanted the most: The CIF State title on Tuesday afternoon at Red Hill.

"It feels so good to finally be champion," sophomore Abigail Wiranatha said. "We were hoping and praying for the chance to be champions."


The Mustangs won their first state title by three strokes, edging Troy 394-397. La Serna finished fifth with a 407.

Walnut finished third in 2013 and then second last year.

"Our motto was that the first two years we went to the party and they wouldn’t let us in," Woods said. "The third year it was: Kick the door down, take the trophy and say, ‘Thank you.’ The girls did what they practiced to do all year. I am so proud of them. Read more...

Walnut Girls Team Wins 1st State Chanpionship


The 2016 Girls golf team is one step from realizing there season final and ultimate goal.  Despite not playing up to their usual standards they qualified for the Stats Championship. On a course that does not play to there strengths they fought and scratch there way to the finals. Two time League MVP Katherine Muzi led the way with a 75 followed by Current League MVP. Anabelle Chang 76 and Freshman Naomi Wiranatha 76. Despite her bad luck on hole one when she hit her ball in her own pitch mark Trussy Li manage a respectable 77. Sophomore Nicole Le shot 79 was followed by Abagail Wiranatha 80. The Championship will be on Tuesday November 15 at Red Hill Country Club in Rancho Cucamonga



Abigail Wiranatha, Walnut Sophomore finish 3rd in the CIF Individual Championship at Western Hills Country Club

She was one of only 4 players to shoot under par (71) on a very windy day.

There were 72 girls in the Individual Championship and 12 teams trying to qualify for the State team Playoffs.

Walnut along with La Serna, Diamond Bar and Troy will join 8 more teams, Two from the San Diego Section

Three from LA City Section and 3 from the Central (Fresno Area). The 12 teams will play on November10

at Arrowhead Country Club. The top 3 will advance to play against the top 3 teams from Northern California on the 15

Abigail 71 was followed by Anabelle Chang 77 Keisha Lugito 77 Katherine Muzi 82 Naomi Wiranatha 83 and Trussy Li 87

Walnut Girls are looking to advance to the State finals for the 2nd straight year and there 3rd in the last 4 years

Hacienda League's Anabelle Chang wins the CIF Individual Northern Regional Championship

Today at River Ridge Golf Course in Oxnard Walnut senior Anabelle Chang and Princeton bound shot a 4 under par 68.
Anabelle 68 and Emily Summer 68 tied for for 1st after 18 holes, In the playoffs Anabelle birdie the 1st hole to wim.
It was Anabell 2nd big win in the last 5 days, In last week League Championship she shot a 69 on the last day to win
The top 36 advance and will join the top 36 players from the Southern Region on November 3 for the CIF Championships
Other Walnut players advancing were  Abigail Wiranatha 73 Trussy Li 75 and Katherine Muzi 75. 
The other League players not advancing were Walnut Rachel Zhang 80, Catherine Yu 81 West Covina Brianna Rojo 92
Charter Oak Francesca Perez 95 and Diamond Ranch Sarah Taghaboni 99
The players will play next in the team championships on Monday October 31

Walnut Girls Golf 2016 remaining schedule
Monday October 31 CIF Eastern Division Team Championship @ Juropa CC
Thursday November 3 CIF Individual & Team Finals @ Western Hills CC
Thursday November 10 Southern Cal Championship and State Qualifying @ Arrowhead CC
Tuesday November 15 State Championship @ Red Hill CC

Walnut Anabelle Chang Win the 2016 Hacienda League Girls Golf Championship

Congratulations to Anabelle Chang on winning the 2016 Hacienda League Golf Championship, 
By winning the Championship she was also crown the League 2016 Most Valuable Player
Anabelle shot a 3 under par 69 in the final round to defeat Abigail Wiranatha by 3 strokes.
The top 6 places all went to Walnut, 3rd was Rachel Zhang followed by Trussy Li.
The league will send 9 players to the CIF Individuals on Monday Oct.24 at River Ridge in Oxnard.
Diamond Ranch Sarah Taghaboni, West Covina Brianna Rojo and Charter Oak Francesca Perez also advance
1 Anabelle Chang           1st Team all League MVP 73, 69 142     Walnut  CIF
2 Abigail Wiranatha        1st Team all League 75 70 145               Walnut  CIF
3 Rachel Zhang              1st Team all League 74 75 149               Walnut  CIF
4 Trussy Li                      1st Team all League 73  78 151              Walnut  CIF
5 Catherine Yu               1st Team all league  75  78  153             Walnut  CIF
6 Katherine Muzi            1st Team all League 76  78  154             Walnut  CIF
7 Sarah Taghaboni        1st Team all League  83  84  167             Diamond Ranch  CIF
8 Brianna Rojo              1st Team all League  92  96  188             West Covina  CIF
9 Francesca Perez        2nd Team all League 95  99 194             Charter Oak   CIF
10 Arvie Deleon            2nd Team all League 92 102 194             Diamond Ranch  Lost on a Card off
11 Sarah Maese            2nd Team all League 96 129 216             West Covina
12 Katie Ochoa             2nd Team all League  128 106 234           Charter Oak
13 Julyssa Mendiola     2nd Team all League  128 114 242           West Covina

 League Prelims Scores Oct 18 Mountain meadows

Hacienda League Prelim Scores, Finale October 20
After Thursday Finals top 9 will go to CIF Individuals
The Winner will be League MVP, The next 7 will be 1st Team all League

1 Trussy Li                       73 Walnut
1 Anabelle Chang            73 Walnut 
3 Rachel Zhang               74 Walnut
4 Abigail Wiranatha        75 Walnut
4 Catherine Yu                 75 Walnut

6 Katherine Muzi              76 Walnut
7 Sarah Taghaboni           83 Diamond Ranch
8 Brianna Rojo                  92 West Covina
8 Arvie Deleon                 92 Diamond Ranch
10 Francesca Perez          95 Charter Oak 
11 Sarah Maese                 96 West Covina   *
12 Riley Piatton                103 Diamond Ranch  
13 Emma Ramirez           104 DiamondRanch
13 Julyssa Mendiola         104 West Covina
15 Jodi Burgess                106 Charter Oak 
16 Rebecca Taghaboni     108 Biamond Ranch
17 Nicolette Pang             109 West covina
18 Giselle Moran               127 West Covina
19 Katie Ochoa                128 Charter Oak   
20 Brianna Rodriguez       134 West Covina 
21Persephone Rodriguez 154 Chino
21 Caroline Otting             154 Diamond Ranch   *  
Westridge Tee Times Thursday October 20 
11 AM      Sarah Maese WC Katie Ochoa CO Caroline Otting DR  
1108 AM  Brianna Rojo WC Francesca Perez CO Arvie Deleon DR 
1116 AM  Sarah Taghaboni DR Katherine Muzi W Catherine Yu W Julyssa Mendiola WC 
1125 AM Trussy Li W Anabelle Chang W Rachel Zhang W Abigail Wiranatha W

Coaches we are set for the prelims at Mountain Meadows on Tuesday the 18    
Coaches meeting 11 AM Mountain Meadows Golf Course

Group 1 Walnut 1 Diamond Ranch 1 West Covina 1 Charter Oak 1  Tee Tine Noon                                  Finish 5 PM
Group 2 Walnut 2 West Covina 2 Diamond Ranch6                                        1208 PM
Group 3 Walnut 3 Charter Oak 3 Diamond Ranch 2 West Covina 6               1216 PM
Group 4 Walnut 4 West Covina 3 Diamund Ranch 3 Chino 1                          1224 PM
Group 5 Walnut 5 Charter Oak 4 West Covina 4 Diamond ranch 4                1232 PM
Group 6 Walnut 6 West Covina 5 Diamond Ranch 5                                       1240 PM                                     545 PM

Each school is allowed to bring up to 6 players,
1 Charter Oak         3 Francesca Perez, Jodi Burgess and Katie Ochoa 
2 Diamond Ranch 6 Players Sarah Taghaboni, Arvie Deleon, Rebecca Taghaboni, Caroline Otting, Emma Ramirez, Hanna Yi 
3 Chino                   1 Persephone Rodriguez  
4 Los Altos              Will not be bringing any players 
5 West Covina         6 Brianna Rojo, Nicolette Pang, Sarah Maese, Julyssa Mendiola, Giselle Moran and Brianna Rodriguez 
6 Walnut                  6 Players Anabelle Chang, Trussy Li, Abigail Wiranatha, Katherine Muzi, Rachel Zhang and Catherine Yu  
1st Group 1150 AM  Trussy Li Katie Ochoa Hanna Yi and Brianna Rodriguez 
2nd Group 12 Noon Anabelle Chang  Rebecca Taghaboni  Gselle Moran 
3rd Group 1208 PM Katherine Muzi Jodi Burgess Arvie Deleon Nicolette Pang  
4th Group 1215 PM Abigail Wiranatha Brianna Rojo Caroline Otting Persephone Rodriguez
5th Group 1225 PM Catherine Yu Sara Taghaboni Francesca Perez Sarah Maese 
6th Group 1235 PM Rachel Zhang Emma Ramirez Julyssa Mendiola 
Thanks Cecil

WALNUT WINS 4th Straight Mustang Golf Tournament, Ashley Kin wins the Individual 

Thank you coaches for brining your team to the tournament, There were 147 Birdies, All got an In N Out Burger, Ashley got a record 9
In the Individuals Ashley Kim from Mira Costa made 9 birdies on her way to Tournament record 65
In 2nd Torrey Pines Carloyn Zhou shot 3 under 71 with Walnut Abigail Wiranatha 1 under 73 took 3rd place 
In the team event Walnut Mustangs shot 385 to win there 4th straight Team Championship
La Serna High shot 390 they were followed by San Diego Torrey Pines High 396
In the A flight Bishop Amat took home the 1st place trophy with a 369 score
Championship Results  (6 players count 5 scores)  and A Flight top 2
1 Walnut 1            385
2 La Serna           390
3 Torrey Pines     396
4 Mira Coasta     402
5 Walnut 2           407   
6 Troy                  413
7 Arcadia.            417
8 Santiago.          445
9 Palos Verdes     447
10 Corona Del Mar 455
11 Great Oak         461
12 San Marino.       511

A Flight 5 Players Count 4 scores
1 Bishop Amat           369
2 Rowland.                 377
3 Walnut 3.                379
4 La Quinta.              382
5 Upland.                  394
6 Righetti                  427
7 Coliseum.              442
8 Charter Oak           449
9 Diamond Ranch.    458
10 West Covina.       461
1 Ashley Kim  65 Mira Coasta
2 Carolyn Zhou 71 Torrey Pines
3 Abigail Wiranatha 73 Walnut
4 Briana Chacon 74 La Serna
5 Wenesa Wong, Beth Lillie & Katherine Muzi  75 La Serna, Troy & Walnut
8 Trussy Li & Sherylin Villeanava  76 Walnut & Troy
10 Naomi Wiranatha & Keisha Lugito Walnut, Walnut
For all results and pictures of the Tournament go to

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