Current Schedule

13 Apr 2024

April 15 - 28

Monday 15

Walnut @ Brentwood Van leaves at 1:30 PM OUT OF SCHOOL 1:25

Players:Gavin Chang Ben Tritohadi Oliver Zhang Dustin Hon Dylan Tsai Jaden Yang 

Tuesday 16

League Match Walnut @ South Hills Van leaves @ 2:30 pm

Players: Sean Saelee Zac  Justin  Aden  Daniel  Gavin 

All players Boys and Girls meeting Room H5 2:05 PM

Wednesday 17

Boys Golf Quartz Hill @ Walnut MM 3:00 PM Out of school 2:15 PM

Players Dylan Sham   Christopher Kiang  Joseph Zhang  Tyler Lu  Sean Ting  Jayden Pham  Dustin Hon  Gavin Chang  Ryan Chung Sean Saelee Ben Tritohadi Leslie Tsai Playing 18 Holes or till darkness  

Top 2 advance to League Finals fo CIF

1st Group Leslie & Dylan

2nd Group Ben & Gavin

3rd Group Dustin & Sean Saelee

4th Group Jayden Ryan Christopher Ryan 5th Group Tyler Joseph Sean Dustin 

Suzanne at Pacific Palms 3:00 PM

Thursday 18

League Match at Marshall Canyon van leave at 2:30 PM

Players Zac Daniel Justin Aden Leslie Sean Sealee

Suzanne at Mountain Meadows 3:45 PM

Friday 19

All Boys and Girls Room H5 2:25 PM

Saturday & Sunday 20 and 21

No Practice 

Monday 22

Tournament 6:00 AM Van leaves at 5:15 AM Out of School all day 

Players: Dylan Sham Zach Lou Aden Shen Justin Zhao Leslie Tsai Daniel Lee 

Tuesday 23

Hacienda League 1st round Van leaves 10:30 AM

Players: Aden Shen Zac Lou Justin Zhao Daniel Lee 2 more TBD

Wednesday 24

Walnut @ Quartz Hill Van Leaves at 1 PM Out of School 12:55 PM

Players: Ben Tritohadi Gavin Chang Sean Saelee Dylan Tsai Oliver Zhang Dustin Hon

Suzanne at Pacific Palms 3 PM

Thursday 25

League Finals Players TBD Out of School at 11:00 AM

PLAYING Daniel Lee  Zac Lou  Dylan Sham  Aden Shen Justin Zhao Leslie Tsai 

SUZANNE AT Diamond Bar GC 4 PM

Friday 26

All Boys and Girls meeting Room H5 2:25 PM


TOP 6 Practice at California Country Club 8:00 AM



5 Apr 2024

 April  8 - 17

Monday 8

Out of school 10 AM 18 Hole match at Whispering Lakes Ontario

Players: Gavin Chang  Sean Ting  Ben Tritohadi  Sean Saelee  Dylan Tsai  Ryan Cheung Oliver Zhang  Joseph Zhang  Jayden Pham Christopher Khaing  

All players except Dylan Sham  Leslie Tsai Justin Zhao  Zac Lou  Aden Shen and Daniel Lee will be excused from school at 10AM to play at 11AM at whispering lakes aginst San Dimas High.  You will be playing 18 holes. The top six players will move on to play another 18 holes match to see who goes to league finals

Tuesday 9

Out of school 1:40 PM League Match at Los Altos 2:30 PM

Players: Zach Lou Justin Zhao Dylan Sham Aden Shen Daniel Lee Leslie Tsai   

Wednesday 10

Troy at Walnut at Mountain Meadows Out of School 2:10 PM

Players: Dylan Tsai Gavin Ben Henri Oliver Joseph Ryan Tyler Christopher Jayden Sean Ting Sean Saelee 

Suzanne at Pacific Palms 3:00 PM


Thursday 11

Out of school 1:50 PM League Match at CCC 3:00 PM

Players:  Dylan Sham Ryan Cheung Christopher Gavin Dylan Tsai Ben

Friday 12

Boys and girls meeting Room H5 2:25 PM

Saturday 13

Boys CIF Qualifying practice at CCC 7:30 to 9:00 AM Chipping Area

Players: Zach Daniel Dylan Dylan Aden Leslie Gavin Ben Christopher Oliver Joseph Justin

Sunday 14

Practice on your Own

Monday 15

Tuesday 16

Out of school 1:55 PM League Match at South Hills 

Players: Aden Shen Daniel Lee Justin Zhao Dylan Sham Leslie Tsai Zac Lou 

Wednesday 17

Out of school 2:15 PM Walnut and Quartz Hill at 3:00 PM

Players: Ryan Cheung Oliver Zhang Ryan Cheung Sean Sealee Dylan Tsai Christopher Khaing  


21 Mar 2024

March 16 - 22

Saturday 16 Sunday 17

Practice on your own CCC available after 4:00 PM

Monday 18

Estancia & Walnut High Schools Tournaments Out of School all Day Playing in the Estancia Tournament at Costa Mesa Golf Course 6:00 AM  No Van  to Estancia Tournament.  

Team1 Blue Shirt Team2 Black Shirt  

Team1: Zac Daniel Aden Justin Z. 

Team2: Leslie Dylan S Oliver Ryan C

Playing: Mustang Tour. at CCC 6:30 AM  Van leaves at 5:15 AM if you need a ride

Team1 Blue Shirt Team2 Black Shirt  

Team1: Christopher Gavin Ben Sean S   Joseph Jayden Yang

Team2 Dylan T Tyler Henri Dustin  Justin Yu Ryan Fue Jayden Pham Sean T

Tuesday 19

Walnut at Los Osos Red Hill Country Club Val leaves at 2:15 PM

PLAYERS: Zach Daniel Aden Justin Leslie Dylan

Girls Meeting Room H5 2:25 PM

Wednesday 20

League Match Walnut at Wilson at MM 3:00 PM

PLAYERS: Dylan Justin Oliver Ryan Leslie Gavin  



Girls Practice PP 3:30 PM

Suzanne Practice at PP 3:00 PM

Thursday 21

League Match Wilson at Walnut Golf Course TBD

PLAYERS: Zac Daniel Christopher Ben Dylan Tsai Joseph 

Suzanne playing at Mountain Meadows 4:00 PM

Friday 22

Boys and Girls meeting in Room H5 at  2:25 PM