Current Schedule

26 Sep 2023

September 23 - October 6

Saturday 23 Sunday 24

Practice on your own

Monday 25

Golf Match Upland at Walnut at Mountain Meadows 3:40 PM

PLAYERS: Megan Katie Fiona Kyrie Naomi Sabrina Blue Shirts 

Boys playing Ben T Jaden P   Ryan C   Dylan Sham at Mountain M. 3:45 PM

Tuesday 26

Golf Match Walnut at Diamond Bar Mountain Meadows 3:15 PM

PLAYERS: Vivi Joanna Chloe Jackie Kaylin Sophie Black Shifts 

PLAYERS: Charlotte Aeris Katie Maggie Audrey Patricia Black Shirts

PLAYERS: Megan Fiona Kyrie Naomi Amber Charlotte Blue Shirts 

Wednesday 27

Golf Match Marshall at Walnut at MM 3:45 PM

PLAYERS: Aeris Hannah Amber Maggie Jaimee Naomi Blue Shirts Golf

Match Walnut at Santa Anita Van leaves at 1:45 PM CANCELED 

PLAYERS: Fiona Megan Kyrie Sophie Charlotte Sabrina Suzanne at Pacific Palms 3:30 PM

Thursday 28

Golf Match Diamond Bar @ Walnut at MM 3:00 PM

PLAYERS:Jackie Kaylin Joanna Vivi Chloe Kyrie Blue Stripes Shirts 

Suzanne at Mountain Meadows 3:45 PM

Friday 29

All golfers meeting NY Pizzeria 2:45 to 3:45 Blue Stripes Shirts 

Saturday 30

Practice for any player that missed Friday meeting PP 7:30 AM


Sunday 1

Practice on your own 17 days to league finals

Monday 2

Girls Tournament at Upland Hills CC, Out school all day, Van leave at 6:20AM


Megan Edralin   Fiona Yang   Charlotte Chang   Sabrina Hung    Kyrie Padero  Jaimee Jao

Golf match at 2PM, Varsity and JV Walnut and Harvard Westlake,  Out school at 12:30 PM at Alhambra GC

Players:  Vivi Yen Jackie Li  Kaylin Rhee  Joanna Song  Katie Zheng      Naomi Lin    Audrey Han   Sophie Lu  Patricia Yang   Maggie Cheang  Amber Faridi   Aeris Chen   Hannah Lee

Tuesday 3

League Match Walnut at Los Altos   Van leaves at 1:50 PM


Sabrina Hung Jaimee Jao  Aeris Chen  Hannah Lee  Fiona Yang  Naomi Lin 

Boys at Mountain Meadows 3:45 PM 

Players. 1st Ben Patrick Ryan Henri

2nd Christopher Jayden P Sean S Joseph 

3rd Oliver Dustin H Sean T Darren T

4rh Tyler Justin Yu 

Wednesday 4

Girls golf match at Eaton canyon van leaves at 2 PM

PLAYERS : Sabrina Naomi Kyrie Patricia Audrey Charlotte 


(Top 5) 1sT Group Keita Aden Daniel Zachary

2nd Justin Z Leslie Dylan Ryan C 

3rd Oliver Jayden P Sean S Patrick

4th Joseph Tyler Darren Dustin


All Boys be at MM 3:15 P 

Suzanne at Pacific Palms 3 PM 

Thursday 5

Girls Golf league match Golf course at CCC 4 PM

PLAYERS: Jaimee Sabrina Kyrie Fiona Sophie Megan 

2nd round of Boys Tryouts at MM 3:15 PM  

All Boys Same Groups

Suzanne at Mountain Meadows 3:45 PM

Friday 6

All Girls and Boys School Library 2:25 PM  

8 Sep 2023


Saturday 9 Sunday 10

No Practice 

Monday 11

Walnut at Sunny Hills Out of school 1:30 pm Van leaves at 1:45 PM Black Shirt

PLAYERS: Charlotte Audrey Patricia Naomi Sabrina Jaimee Amber Naomi 

Playing at MM 3:15 PM

1st Group Katie Megan Fiona Sophie 

2nd Group Aeris Hannah Amber Maggie 

Boys at MM. Henri Patrick Sean S. Sean T. Christopher Bryan  Ryan Tyler 3:30 PM

Tuesday 12

League Match vs Rolwland at Mountain Meadows 2:15PM Out of school at 1:40 PM.

Players. Vivi. Jackie. Megan Kyrie. Fiona Sophie

Playing: Aeris Amber Hannah Naomi 

Putting Green: Audrey Maggie Patricia Charlotte Sophie Jaimee Sabrina Katie 

Boys Playing at California Country Club 3:30 PM

1st Group Keita Aden Daniel Dylan

2nd Group Zachary Justin Z. Leslie Oliver 

3rd  Ben Joseph Jaden Yang Patrick 

Wednesday 13

Golf Match Walnut and Los Osos at MM 3:15 PM Black Shirt 

Players: Megan Sophie Fiona Kyrie Charlotte Katie 

Playing: Jaimee Patricia Amber Hannah Aeris  Naomi Sabrina 

Suzanne at Pacific Palms Driving Range 3:30 PM  

Thursday 14

Golf Match Walnut and Rowland League Match at Royal Vista 3:15 PM

Players: Patricia Naomi Megan Joanna Kaylin Jackie

Suzanne playing at Mountain Meadows 3:45 PM  

Friday 15

Meeting 2:30 School Library All Girls and Boys

Saturday 16

Golf Match Las Vegas Bishop Gorman 2PM 18 Holes at CCC 

All players 1:45 PM Bring all 3 Shirts We will be taking photos with Las Vegas Golf Match Starts at 2:30

Players: Chloe Vivi Jackie Kaylin Fiona Joanna Sophie

All others can follow the match or leave after the last group tees off

Sunday 17

No Practice 

Monday 18

Lady Mustang Tournament at CCC 6:30 AM Out Of School All Day

Team1 Jackie Chloe Kyrie Kaylin Fiona Sophie (blue stripes shirt)

Team2 Megan Katie Charlotte Patricia  Naomi Aeris (blue stripes shirt)

6 Jul 2023



July 1 to July 31

No Practice 

August 1 to August 26

Tuesday 1 to Sunday 6

Practice on your own

Monday 7

(MEETING) All Boys and Girls Parents Meeting School Library 7PM

Topics Period 6 Requirements for all Boys including practice Pick up Uniforms, Pick up permission slips to leave school after 5th Period 


Tuesday 8

Practice on your own

Wednesday 9

No Practice 

Thursday 10

No Practice 

Friday 11 Saturday 12 Sunday 13

No Practice 

Monday 14


Tuesday 15

All girls Practice at Pacific Palms 3:00 pm

Wednesday 16

Golf Match Los Osos @ Walnut at MM 3PM

PLAYERS: Fiona Sabrina Kyrie Patricia Audrey Sophie Megan Charlotte 

Thursday 17

Golf Match at Santa Margarita 3PM Van leaves at 1:50PM

PLAYERS: Sophie Jackie Kaylin Chloe Vivi Joanna 

All other Practice at Mountain Meadows at 3pm.

Friday 18

Mandatory meeting at 2:25PM  in school library for all boys and girls 

Saturday 19 Sunday 20

Practice on your own 

Monday 21

Golf Match Sunny Hills at Walnut 3PM @ MM

Players: Patricia Audrey Megan Hannah Charlotte Amber Fiona Ashley TENTATIVE 

Tuesday 22

Golf Match Sunny Hills at Walnut @ CCC 2:30PM

PLAYERS: Chloe Joanna Vivi Kyrie Kaylin Ashley  TENTATIVE 

Wednesday 23

Golf Match Cerritos at Walnut @ CCC

PLAYERS: Jackie Sophie Vivi Joanna Fiona Charlotte TENTATIVE 

Thursday 24

Golf Match Great Oak at Walnut @ Mountain Meadows 

PLAYERS : Fiona Kyrie Sophie Jackie Kaylin Jaimee TENTATIVE 

Suzanne middle school golf team tryouts Mountain Meadows at 3:30 PM

Friday 25

All 6 period Girls and Boys meet in the school library 2:25PM

Saturday 26  

Practice on your own